IT has been two-and-a-half-years since his wife and step-daughter were brutally murdered, yet the memories are still raw for Mehmet Sahin.

Mr Sahin is appearing in a new television documentary tomorrow night in which he relives the horrific slaying of his wife Julie, 50, and her daughter Michala, 28, at their home in Ireton Court, Thame, in September 2011.

Michala’s husband Ensar Gol stabbed the pair and their friend Casey Wilson, who survived, more than 100 times between them.

Speaking on Britain’s Darkest Taboos on the Crime + Investigation channel, Mr Sahin said: “He took everything. I didn’t know until then that they were my only reason to live and my only joy in life.

“Julie was a fantastic mother, and a wife to me, but I didn’t know it until then. I miss them loads.”

Michala met Gol, a waiter, while on holiday in Turkey in 2007. They had two children and married in 2011.

Family and friends say Gol wanted revenge after she visited an ex-boyfriend in Turkey during a temporary break-up a year before the double murders.

Mr Sahin, who also met Julie when she was visiting Turkey and married her in 2002, said they never liked Gol, who was prone to violence.

He said: “We did try to tell her, but Michala didn’t want to hear any of that.

“Julie was really scared of his evil eyes. She started to call him ‘psycho’.”

After moving to Thame, Gol confided in Mr Sahin that he sometimes “felt like killing” Michala.

Mr Sahin said: “If you’re angry with someone, you can always say, ‘oh I’ll kill him, I’ll do this to him, I’ll do that to her’.

“Whatever you say, that doesn’t mean a real threat.”

Oxford Mail:

Mehmet Sahin

On September 4, 2011, Gol attacked Michala while she was sleeping in their bedroom in front of their three-year-old daughter.

He then turned on Julie and Miss Wilson, 20, as they ran to her aid.

A post-mortem examination later showed that Michala had been stabbed 46 times. Her mother had 55 knife injuries.

Miss Wilson was stabbed three times but managed to escape.

Mr Sahin said: “Julie just wanted to save her and didn’t care (that she might get killed).”

CCTV footage captured Gol in the street holding a blood-stained knife in one hand while bragging on his mobile phone about “butchering” his family.

Mr Sahin said: “He had quite a few blood stains on his clothing. All I wanted was to keep his daughter safe.

“She was shaking, she must have witnessed everything, going on on the night.”

Oxford Mail: Ensar Gol

Gol was arrested by police in the town centre that night and was pictured smiling for cameras before his trial at Oxford Crown Court in May 2012.

Gol was sentenced to two life sentences for the murders – with a minimum period of 36 years – and 12 years concurrent for attempted murder.

Britain’s Darkest Taboos will be shown tomorrow at 9pm on the Crime + Investigation channel.