TWO Abingdon schoolgirls have been honoured in a photography competition.

Larkmead School pupils Bethany Gould and Ellie Hedges were given a highly commended award from the National Association of Able Children in Education (NACE) for a picture they took.

The Year 10 girls participated in a national competition in which pupils were asked to capture any aspects of “The World We Live In”.

It could range from busy streets, scenery, home, school or local events as well as broader subjects such as graffiti, or law and order.

The award will be presented to the girls today in a school assembly.

Ellie said: “We enjoyed the experience of taking photos for a competition. When we heard about the competition, we were really excited.”

Bethany said: “We can’t believe they chose our photo for a certificate out of 600 entries.”

NACE trustee and judge Mary Fitzpatrick said: “We were overwhelmed with the response to the photography competition this year, so many beautiful and quirky images, it was such a difficult task to select the winners.

“We had stunning land and seascapes reminding us of the beauty of the natural world, curious shots of different types of architecture, some edgy graffiti with wonderful colour combinations as well as some very clever compositions.

“Next time we are going to change the rules to allow pupils to enhance and manipulate their photos.”

The competition is run each autumn as a school holiday project.