SINGERS, musicians and performers had their moment in the limelight at St Birinus Has Got Talent.

Pupils from St Birinus School in Mereland Road showcased their talents at the finals of the school show last week.

The 11 acts included singers, magicians, drummers and beatboxers.

Duo Harry Rowe, 11, and Ben Small, 11, sang and played the clarinet.

Ben said: “It was a good and fun experience for all of us.”

Harry added: “I think the competition was high. I was not nervous at all, that’s me.”

The school hall was set up by pupils who formed a stage crew and took charge of lighting and sound for the show from 1.15pm until 3.20pm last Thursday.

The winner was Nathaniel Mullan who sang Lighthouse by Lucy Spraggan and received a standing ovation from the audience.

The 12-year-old claimed the St Birinus Has Got Talent trophy.