THE masterplan for the entire Bicester eco town site has been submitted to Cherwell District Council by A2Dominion.

The site, farmland on the north west edge of Bicester, will see up to 6,000 energy efficient homes, schools, shops, a health centre and employment space.

Overall 40 per cent of the site will be open space including a nature reserve, country park and woodland areas.

Work on the first phase of 393 homes, an energy centre, school, shops and business centre is expected to start imminently.

There will be a further public consultation on the masterplan this spring and it will need to be adopted by Cherwell District Council.

A2Dominion will also hold consultations before outline planning applications are submitted. Development is expected to go over the next 35 years.

John Knevett, A2Dominion’s group chief commercial officer and deputy group chief executive, said: “We believe there is no other scheme that incorporates such green infrastructure and energy-efficient design whilst protecting and enhancing the existing landscape. This will be a community of high quality homes for generations to come.”

Cherwell’s leader Barry Wood said: “We’ve always been clear that this scheme will be a part of the existing town and benefit everyone — an expansion, rather than an alternative, to Bicester.”