THE curriculum in Oxfordshire is taking a lesson from the Far East.

Larkmead School in Abingdon yesterday devoted the day to Tabla drumming, Bollywood dancing and Indian cooking.

The Indian Day was part of the school’s 2014 Arts Week.

Chloe Simpson, 14, said: “It was really fun. I like the music that we played and it was fascinating to see how fast the drums can be played.”

Their tutor for the day, Tabla drummer Iqbal Pathen, said: “All the groups have participated well. They have been really enthusiastic to produce the sounds.

“Despite never having played these drums before, they have managed to produce a proper rhythm using just their fingers on the drums.

“The students have also had the discipline to sit in the lotus position for an hour to play a pair of Tabla drums, which is very important.”

Students also got to try Indian stick dancing, henna tattooing, Indian singing, and learnt about wedding ceremony culture.

Head of visual and performing arts, Andrea Phillips, said: “Arts Week is all about arts and culture coming together.”

Also planned for the rest of the week are a visit from Birmingham Community Gospel Choir, Music Recital evening, Dance in Art workshop and Fuzzy Logic Boys Dance Workshop.