CREEPY crawlies may not be everyone’s favourite thing, but they were drawing crowds over the weekend at the Museum of Natural History.

As part of the Oxfordshire Science Festival, sponsored by the Oxford Mail, the museum on Parks Road had a series of insects on display – and some visitors got very hands on.

Headington School art teacher Rebecca Crompton said: “We were going to see something else and then got distracted by what was going on at the museum.

“I got to hold a leaf insect and a millipede. I wasn’t a fan of the scorpion, though.”

The artist-in-residence at Headington School said: “I am normally afraid of insects, but for some reason I wasn’t when I was holding them, although I was pulling stupid faces.

“I liked the leaf insect because it was cute, I suppose.”

The 25-year-old added that she thought the insects should become a permanent fixture at the museum.

She said: “It was really good.

“I think everyone should have to hold a millipede.

“Everyone should experience that.

“It should be mandatory before they can even go into the museum.”

The Oxfordshire Science Festival is running until Sunday, March 23, with events taking place all over the county.

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