CHERWELL District Council will have to reissue about 36,000 council tax bills after several printing mistakes werefound.

The council had started sending bills out when the errors were spotted.

Problems included incorrect names and payment details, and the barcode, which is needed when payments are made at paypoints and the Post Office, was also faulty.

Residents who have been given the wrong bill will be sent a replacement.

Anyone who has not yet received their bill will get the correct bill, the council has assured.

Those who received an incorrect bill and want to pay using the barcode must wait for a replacement bill to arrive.

For people who pay by direct debit, the council say the correct amount will be deducted.

Cherwell council said the fault lay with the printing supplier which will have to cover the cost of reissuing the bills.

There will be no charge to the taxpayers and it apologised for any inconvenience caused to customers.

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