THE grief-stricken parents of Freddie Perry can do nothing to get their son back.

He died after an accident in September last year near his home.

The teacher who was driving the car has been cleared of any blame and it is important to recognise that.

Police also say the woman was also believed to be driving well below the speed limit.

But a life was lost and the family want measures to be taken to try to ensure nothing like this happens again.

They say the 30mph limit there should be reduced to 20mph.

Council officials are in talks over what should be done, but clearly imposing such a restriction would make the route safer.

The headteacher at the girls’ school on that road agrees – although she says the speed limit would not have made a difference in this case.

In addition, a resident has told the Oxford Mail the road is dangerous and it is right that the county council makes every effort to ensure concerns are addressed.

Many people will have views on the safety of roads they live on.

Often it is said that action cannot be taken unless an accident occurs.

Evidently that has already happened here, but we wait to see what measures, if any, the council will introduce.

Six months after the 10-year-old’s death, the family needs to know if anything will happen.