PEDAL-powered banana smoothies were on offer to shoppers in Bicester to raise awareness of Fairtrade products.

On Saturday, Bicester Fairtrade group hosted an event outside Sainsbury’s in Pioneer Square to highlight the cause.

The group says only one in three bananas sold in British shops comes from a Fairtrade producer.

Using bikes to power a smoothie-maker, visitors to the stall were given drinks made from fruit provided free to the group by the supermarket.

Group member Lindsey Anderson-Gear, 52, pictured, of Windmill Avenue, Bicester, dressed up as a banana for the day to highlight the cause.

She said: “We had lots of people coming to take samples and it really did raise awareness, although I did have to wear a rather silly banana suit.

“Lots of children had brought their parents along because they had been learning about it at school.”

Bicester Fairtrade chairman Colin Cockshaw said: “We had lots of people interested in the stand and lots of children came along with their parents after hearing about the event from school or clubs. It was a fun way to highlight the issue.”