THE Bullnose Morris pub has been confirmed as another victim in a recent spate of business robberies.

The Blackbird Leys hostelry in Watlington Road, Oxford, was targeted by two men on Monday, February 17, at 12.15am, but details have only just emerged.

The men, armed with knives, threatened the occupiers, took money from the till and then fled through the pub’s back door.

The men broke in through the kitchen window of the house adjacent to the pub.

One victim, who did not want to be named, said: “They came into the bedroom and woke me up when they were pushing my partner around.

“I screamed, which woke my four-year-old son up and then he came in.”

One man then took her partner, who works at the pub, downstairs to unlock the safe, while the other stayed with her and her son.

“After a bit they took us down as well. It was absolutely awful, my son was crying and saying to me that he would look after me.

“I’m nine months pregnant so he was worried about the baby.”

The men stole approximately £8,000 in cash, said the woman.

Two men, aged 27 and 34, have been arrested on suspicion of robbery and released on bail until April 30.

Spokeswoman for pub owners, the Hungry Horse chain, Alison Hicks said: “An incident took place at the pub, which is now the subject of a police investigation.”

MP for Oxford East and Blackbird Leys resident Andrew Smith said: “It’s always worrying when things like this happen. It’s appalling. I am glad that there have been arrests. I hope the occupants are all alright and not too shaken up by it.”

Thames Valley Police released no information until approached by the Oxford Mail. It said officers were “keeping an open mind” on whether there are links between this and other recent robberies in the city.

There was a sharp rise in robberies of nearly 90 per cent in Oxford between April 1, 2013, and January 31 this yaer.

Figures show there were 17 business robberies during that period – up 89 per cent on the same period the previous year.

News of the incident comes after yesterday’s Oxford Mail reported on three business robberies in five days this month, which are not included in the most recent police figures.