A BURGLAR who stole a safe from the Bodleian Library has been jailed by a judge at Oxford Crown Court.

Nderim Hasi, 20, of Don Bosco Close, Oxford, admitted two break-ins and was sentenced to 20 months in prison on Tuesday.

Also sentenced was Altin Gashi, 21, of The Slade, Headington, who took part in one of the burglaries but only received a suspended sentence.

Gabrielle McAvock, prosecuting, said Hasi and another unidentified man broke into the Bodleian Library’s social science library between July 2 and 3 last year.

She told Judge Tom Corrie that the pair struck at 7am and removed a safe worth £200 containing £650, along with a bank card and £30 cash.

The barrister said Hasi and Gashi together targeted a house in South Vale Road, Oxford, on September 21 last year, taking jewellery of “sentimental value”, including a pocket watch.

She added that Gashi also admitted going back to the house alone later and stealing a VW Golf parked outside.

Claire Fraser, defending Hasi, said her client had come to the UK from Albania when he was just 16 and had been placed into the care of social services.

She explained that he was desperate for money when he committed the offences.

Daniel Wright, defending Gashi, said he had also come from Albania but had held down a steady job with an Oxford repair and maintenance firm.

Judge Corrie said: “The real sting of that domestic burglary was that property of very great sentimental value was taken including, significantly, a watch which had been a present from the occupant’s grandfather to her grandmother.

“This caused her very significant and continuing distress. This is impacting on her life and the life of her family.”

Hasi received 20 months in prison and Gashi got 12 months, suspended for two years.