WORK will finally take place to resurface London Road in Headington.

Calls have been made for Oxfordshire County Council to bring forward the work because of the road’s “embarrassing” state. And yesterday the authority confirmed it would take place over the summer.

The project, costing £1.33m, will see a new road surface between Green Road roundabout and Wharton Road as well as extensions to the bus lane and new cycle paths. County councillor David Nimmo Smith, cabinet member for highways, said: “This will be great news for anyone who uses London Road or who has been calling for resurfacing to be done.

“The county council has agreed for some time that the condition of the road is poor, and we have been filling in potholes as we find them for some time.

“The best long-term solution has always been for us to co-ordinate the bus lane work with the resurfacing so that money is not spent on resurfacing which then needs to be dug up. “While this work will cause inevitable disruption to journeys and local residents, the short-term pain will mean long term improvements for all on this key road.”