OXFORD Castle captured the imaginations of these youngsters at half term.

On Tuesday, Hope Holloway and brother Connor were among the youngsters who learned about old style crime and punishment and slipped on handcuffs at a special half-term activity day at the Oxford Castle Unlocked.

Alongside their prisoner guide, children went around the castle on a tour which was part of the castle’s Crimes and Captures event.

Hope, nine, from Reading, enthused: “I really liked the visit. We went to see the view at the top of the tower over Oxford and we got to try on the costumes.

“My brother and I wore handcuffs at the museum — they were really cold. I wore them for a long time but they were a bit too big for me. It was a really fun morning and I loved it.”

Her younger brother, Connor, seven, added: “The handcuffs were very hard and uncomfortable. We went underground to a prison.

“The crypt was a really big prison underground and there wasn’t much light at all down there. But I had a great time exploring.”

The tours continue at Oxford Castle, off New Road, for the rest of half term week. Visitors can follow the life of a prisoner at Oxford Castle, exploring the measures taken to capture the criminals.