A CHARITY that supports brain injury victims and their carers is hoping to raise £200,000 to update its centre.

Headway Oxfordshire, based in Bagley Wood Road, Kennington, wants to increase its capacity to deal with the rising number of people who need its services.

Chief executive Jamie Miller said that because people were now living longer with brain injuries the pressure on its staff is increasing.

He said: “We are the only countywide organisation that provides this type of services.

“There is a real lack of understanding of brain injuries and the effects they have on people.

“We are here to raise awareness but also to provide the practical services that people need. Some people may not be able to rehabilitate and will have to live with their condition.

“The brain is everything about us so injuring it can have all sorts of effects. It is very complex and that support would not be there otherwise.”

The charity has raised £94,000 so far and will be holding fundraising events although it hopes most of the money will come in grants.

Mr Miller added: “We are filling out lots of applications at the moment and doing any fundraising that we can.

“Staff at Sainsbury’s Heyford Hill have also been raising money for us.”

Headway service manager Jamie Stalker added: “The services we provide are essential both in terms of rehabilitation for the individual and respite for their families and carers.”

Kennington and Radley county councillor Bob Johnston has pledged £1,500 of his Big Society Fund to the project.

He said: “I think they do a cracking job and I give them all the support I can.

“There is no other service quite like it and they go about their work with enthusiasm and professionalism.

“It is a wonderful project and I was very pleased to be able to help.”

Each year the group helps about 400 people, roughly half of whom are carers.

It plans a number of events this year.

The next one is a race night taking place on Friday, March 21, in Kennington Social Club, starting at 7.30pm.