A FORMER air base could see more Hollywood A-listers following in the footsteps of Brad Pitt.

Mr Pitt was in the county twice in 2011 to film scenes for zombie movie World War Z at the former US Air Force base at Upper Heyford.

Now the Dorchester Group, which owns the base, wants to increase the number of days each year filming can take place at the flying field area of the site.

Currently, film and television production can only be carried out for 28 days a year.

Other movies filmed at the former Cold War base are Octopussy, Children of Men, Tooth Fairies and Fast and Furious 6.

Dorchester says the site’s unique setting “has drawn the imagination of production teams”.

A report by Dorchester’s agent for Cherwell District Council, did not say how many extra filming days were requested.

It said: “The flying field has to date been used for occasional television and film production without conflict with the commercial occupiers of flying field.”

It said there would not be a big increase in traffic as staff and actors would generally make only one trip to the site.

Timothy Bigelow, chairman of Heyford Park Residents' Association, said the building used in World War Z had now been demolished so any filming would not impact on residents.