JIM Campbell makes an exceptionally good point among the recommendations for the future of the Covered Market when he says it is not just there as a property to rent out and that the city council needs to make its view on the asset’s role clearer.

Mr Campbell and his colleagues on the scrutiny committee have been looking at the running of the market, amidst the on-going dispute over rent increases for traders.

To be fair, Oxford City Council does have a financial duty to administer its assets properly but there has been a feeling in the past it takes that to such a point that there is a danger of the market’s long-term future, vitality and independent identity being damaged.

Councillor Colin Cook disputes this, assuring us that the council does see the market as a heritage asset.

It is good to hear because we maintain our position that the Covered Market is a rare jewel that should be treasured, with the council and traders working together to make it prosper.