UNICORNS came to life in a puppet show.

Touring puppet crew PuppetCraft came to the North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford, last Saturday to give a performance of the children’s play Nobody Rides The Unicorn. Based on the book by Adrian Mitchell, it tells the tale of little girl who is tricked into capturing a unicorn, and then tries to set it free once she realises it is in danger.

Puppet master and PuppetCraft founder John Roberts said: “It’s a beautiful, gentle story – it goes through some quite scary bits which is great for audience reaction. The most used word after the show is ‘magical’.”

Mr Roberts, 62, created the show, which first toured in 2007.Mr Roberts, who lives in Totnes, Devon, said: “It’s such a popular show. People have been asking and asking for it so we’ve brought it out again recently.”