A POLICE officer who allegedly stole crash victims’ details yesterday admitted acting improperly and breaking the force’s oath to uphold the law.

Sugra Hanif, 26, is accused of taking personal information of people involved in car accidents from police systems and pressuring the victims into making personal injury claims.

At the time, Hanif, of Bretch Hill, Banbury, was having an affair with her co-accused Raza Khan, 27, who ran a repair garage.

The pair and Khan’s wife, Paramjeet Kaur, 26, allegedly pocketed £600 a time for referring victims to legal firms.

At Winchester Crown Court yesterday, it was heard that Hanif, who qualified as a police officer in 2008, did not inform police when questioned about threats Khan made to her and her family, including leaving her naked on a motorway and threatening to rape her mother.

Hanif would find contact details of motorists who had been involved in a recent accident, the court heard.

Yesterday, starting his cross-examination of Hanif, prosecutor Peter Asteris said: “You promised to truly serve the Queen with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality.

“You said you would prevent offences against people and property and will do so according to the law. Did you do this?”

Hanif replied: “I would like to think that I have stuck to it. However, with this incident that has happened, I can’t say I have.”

Mr Asteris added: “You have failed to act in the proper conduct which was expected of you, haven’t you?”

She said: “Yes, I guess that is one way of putting it.”

The jury of six women and six men has been told Hanif, a former telesales worker, contacted more than 640 victims during the alleged scam, viewed a minimum of 2,500 unique reference numbers on the TVP computer system, and called victims up to 45 times.

Hanif was arrested in December 2011 after police searched her home in Banbury.

The court heard Hanif explain how Khan said he would have her mother raped and that he knew people who would pick her up and strip her naked before leaving her on the side of a motorway.

But Hanif did not tell police about these incidents.

Mr Asteris queried her version, adding: “These were horrific incidents that would have been etched into your mind and memory.

“Why didn’t you tell the police about his threats he would have your mother raped and leave you naked on the motorway?”

She replied: “I didn’t go into details because I was scared of my parents finding out about my past.”

Hanif denies obtaining personal data from TVP control and command system and a charge of disclosing the personal data.

Khan, 27, of Birmingham, denies obtaining personal data from TVP control and command system.

Kaur, 26, also of Birmingham, Khan and Hanif all deny one count of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office.

The trial continues.