AN order that gives police officers powers to stop people from drinking in a public place has been declared a success in Littlemore.

A designated public place order (DPPO) was issued for Cowley Road, Littlemore, in October after complaints from residents.

Littlemore PCSO Lori Jones told the Oxford Mail: “It was issued because the residents were seeing a rising problem with street drinkers.

“They were causing problems when people were trying to get into the shops, congregating outside and making it an intimidating environment for the public.

“They were also seen urinating in the street.

“Patrols by police, PCSOs and the Community Response Team didn’t seem to be enough of a deterrent as calls were still coming in about this behaviour.

“It wasn’t one shop in particular, it seemed to be most of Cowley Road, Littlemore, that was seeing the problem.

“People were causing issues outside the church and under the bridge by the shops as litter was being left there.”

She added: “I believe the DPPO has been very successful.

“I guess the real test will be when the summer hits – we may see an increase during the summer months and will deal appropriately.”

DPPOs help local authorities deal with problems of alcohol-related antisocial behaviour in public places.

It is not a total ban on drinking alcohol in public places, but it makes it an offence to carry on drinking when asked to stop by a constable or authorised officer.

The order gives a police officer or accredited person the power to ask a person to stop drinking alcohol in a public place if they are creating disorder or they are likely to behave in an antisocial or disorderly way when drinking.

Those who do not comply can be issued with a penalty notice of £50, arrest and prosecution with a maximum fine of £500 and bail conditions can stop the person from drinking in public. Oxford city is also covered by the order.

Juan Louro, owner of the Littlemore Fish Bar in Cowley Road, Littlemore, said: “There used to be lots of youngsters drinking and hanging out and it was a bit of a nuisance. But it is quite good now. It is nice and quiet and we have no problems at all.”

Saudia Hind, owner of nearby Taste of Jamaica, said: “We haven’t had any alcohol-related problems, so it must be working.”