A JURY has decided that a 20-year-old breached his Asbo when he repeatedly used bad language inside St Aldate’s police station.

Jed Denton, of Underhill Circus, Barton, admitted shouting and swearing on May 22 last year in an attempt to get his car returned after it was seized.

The 20-year-old was given a two-year antisocial behaviour order (asbo) at Oxford Magistrates’ Court in 2012 banning him from using abusive, threatening or sexually explicit language in any public place.

On Tuesday at Oxford Crown Court he was convicted of breaching the order, despite insisting that he had not abused anyone and was only expressing frustration with the police.

Giving evidence himself Denton said: “I was just trying to get my point across. I did swear, perhaps a few times, but not directly at any one.”

Peter Du Feu, defending Denton, told the jury his client might be “obnoxious” and a “thorough nuisance” but he had been in the right and his car had eventually been returned.

But the jury took just over three hours to find, by a majority of 10 to two, that he was guilty of the offence.

Judge Gordon Risius told Denton: “Though everybody faces frustrating circumstances from time to time, you must realise that being abusive helps no one.”

He added that he was interested in exploring non-custodial options for sentencing.

These include an anger management course and he also asked for a report to be prepared by probation. Denton will be sentenced on February 18.