NARNIA came to life for these boys in Cowley yesterday when they visited a public art installation using wardrobes.

Three wardrobes were put up in Templars Square Shopping Centre in Cowley to celebrate the festive season.

And this week shoppers have the last chance to look inside for themselves.

Inspired by Oxford legend CS Lewis’ Narnia stories, each wardrobe has been created by a different artist.

Jack Reidy, four and brother Olly, three, explored artist Cait Sweeney’s creation that is filled with objects associated with refugees like the children from the novels.

The boys, from Headington, were visiting the council offices with their great-grandmother, Diane Mortimer.

Mrs Mortimer, 66, said: “The boys were looking in the wardrobes but I didn’t see anyone, so I told them not to touch it because I didn’t know what it was.”

“When they were told they could look inside they were absolutely thrilled – their faces lit up.”

Jack, aged four, said: “It was like magic. It wasn’t pretty because there were leaves on the floor but it was fun.”

His younger brother, three-year-old Olly, added: “We rolled on the floor in the leaves – it made shopping much better.”

Shoppers have until Thursday to visit the installation.