RESEARCHERS in Oxford are set to receive millions in EU funding to continue their cutting-edge work, after the European Research Council announced its latest round of grants to universities across Europe.

The UK has received more grants than any other country and is set to receive the biggest share of the £476m made available.

A total of nine Oxford University research projects have won grants worth an average of £1.5m each.

The funded projects include one examining the evolution of infection and immunity and a project looking into the brain mechanisms behind the development of parenting.

Oxford-based South East MEP Catherine Bearder said: “Oxford University is a world leader in conducting groundbreaking research and developing new technologies.

“This EU funding will allow some of our brightest minds to stay one step ahead in a range of cutting-edge sectors.

“Liberal Democrats have fought hard for a smaller EU budget that prioritises growth and jobs, including millions of pounds worth of extra research funding.”