THERE will be a tense atmosphere in the Hodges’ household this weekend.

Screenwriter Adrian Hodges, who lives in Charney Bassett, near Wantage, will be hoping the first series of the BBC’s new flagship drama The Musketeers is a hit when it airs on Sunday night.

His daughter Becky, 16, has her own film drama premiered on Saturday.

The Oxford High School pupil directed her short film, Without, under the expert eyes of award-winning directors Stefan Georgiou and Nic Shearer on a 10-week film course in London.

She and her parents will attend its first screening at the Broadway Theatre in Barking, East London, with the 15 other young actors and technicians who helped to create it.

Becky said she has always been interested in film, and has made two other short films on similar courses as well as music videos for friends.

She said: “I am most interested in the story. I have always loved stories and writing.

“But what I am really interested in is creating this world that people can fall into for 10 minutes or two hours.”

Without tells the story of a young girl suffering from writers’ block who meets a young homeless man on the streets.

“The girl in the film decides to pass off his real-life story as her own work of fiction.

Becky, who also plays the girl’s best friend in the film, said: “We hope to provoke people to think about morality and how far you would go to get what you want, even if it meant plagiarising someone’s life.”

The course, run by the British Film Institute and Young Film Academy, offers a silver arts award, considered to be the equivalent of a GCSE.

Becky, who will be taking her own GCSE exams later this year, added: “I’ve learnt so much about film making and had masterclasses with professionals.”

Stardom seems to run in the family.

Mr Hodges, 56, made his screenwriting debut with the 1991 television drama Tell Me That You Love Me.

He is co-creator of the ITV sci-fi drama Primeval and has written the first episode of the BBC One 10-part period drama The Musketeers, which starts on Sunday starring Luke Pasqualino.

Becky’s mother Angela spent 10 years acting on TV in popular dramas including Casualty, The Bill and Peak Practice.

She said: “Her dad is a screenwriter and I am an actress. It can’t be helped with a background like that.”

But she added: “Becky has done it all off her own back. We don’t give her any help so she is learning the hard way. We are both really proud of her.”

Mr Hodges’ latest work, the 10-part period drama The Musketeers, will premiere this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.