LITTLEMORE youngsters can take part in theatre workshops leading to a performance at the Pegasus Theatre.

Former theatre boss Euton Daley has been drafted in by the Littlemore Village Hall committee to run the sessions for 15 to 19-year-olds.

The workshops, along with carpentry and hair and beauty activities for Littlemore Youth Club, are being funded by a £4,742 Youth Ambition Grant from Oxford City Council.

The next drop-in workshop is tomorrow from 5pm to 7pm in Edith Kempson Hall, Chapel Lane, Littlemore.

Maggie Willis, from the village hall committee, said: “Tomorrow is a come and try it session and after that there will be regular rehearsals.

“People initially think of performing arts, but there is going to be two teams – one the performing team including drama and music and the others will be the designing and making team.

“That will involve making props and probably making posters and photography might come into it.

“There will be about 10 sessions to work towards a Littlemore Youth Production.

“It will be on what young people want to do.”

The free weekly theatre workshops will focus on the performing arts and music as well as design and creating props, leaflets and publicity posters.

There may also be a possibility to work with a technician for theatre lighting.

The performance at Pegasus Theatre in East Oxford will be held on Wednesday, March 19.

Young people from the youth club have also built a picnic bench for Littlemore Village Hall in Railway Lane.

Mr Daley, who lives in Cowley, said: “These workshops are great because the more young people who are involved in doing creative things the better.

“It is not about encouraging them to go into the profession. It is about building their self-confidence.”

He added: “None of them have been to the Pegasus Theatre before and they are looking forward to going to a real theatre.”