AUDIENCE members at St Michael At The Northgate church in Oxford were impressed by medieval folk music from Czech Republic band Perkelt on Monday.

Hailing from Pardubice, east of Czech capital Prague, the duo played recorder and guitar for the assembled audience, with £120 from proceeds going to Oxford charity Asylum Welcome, which supports asylum seekers and refugees.

Lead guitarist Stepan Honc, 28, said: “A lot of people were there and you get a really good sound inside the church.

“We sold lots of CDs and gained some new fans.”

The vicar of St Michael’s, the Rev Bob Wilkes, said the band played in Oxford last year and that it was good to see them again.

He added: “We first saw them playing at Cornmarket and thought they played very well.

“Last year we asked if they wanted to play again, so it was good to have them back.”

The concert was part of Music on a Monday, a free event held at the church every week at 1pm, with performers able to select a charity for proceeds to go to.