THIS hungry heron swooped for a quick snack when he visited Oxford Mail photographer George Reszeter’s garden pond.

The bird scoffed a frog right before the lens of the snapper last month when he landed in the garden in Wootton, near Abingdon.

Oxford Mail:

  • The heron strikes

Mr Reszeter, 59, said: “I had seen this heron before, he was always very wary. The slightest movement and he was away.

“But this time he came in and didn’t move at all, he was transfixed by something on the edge of the pond.

“I got out my tripod and my 500mm lens, and set it up then all of a sudden he lunged forward and got hold of this great big frog. He dunked it a coupled of times to wash off the leaves, then he swallowed it whole.”

Oxford Mail:

  • The prey is cleaned

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Oxford Mail:

  • A gulp and the frog has gone down a treat