STAFF and children at a village primary school are celebrating after its Ofsted rating went up from ‘satisfactory’ to “good”.

The headteacher thinks the school near Bicester is touching on being rated “outstanding” by the time it is next inspected.

Finmere Church of England Primary School was visited in October and told in November that inspectors were now rating it as ‘good’.

At its last inspection in 2011 the school, which has just 39 pupils, was judged to be satisfactory.

In his report, inspector James Henry said: “Teachers know pupils well and use their good subject knowledge to plan lessons that match the abilities and needs of most different groups of pupils in mixed-age classes.

“The headteacher, supported by other staff, knows the school well and produces accurate action plans to address weaknesses.

“For example, the school has focused strongly on improving pupils’ writing and this has raised individual pupils’ attainment in writing at the end of key stages one and two.”

The inspection praised the school’s promotion of social and cultural development and its strong links with Sweden where the school children have visited.

They were also pleased to hear that speakers from the Sikh and Hindu religions have come to talk to the children.

In a statement on the school’s website, headteacher Veneeta Rayner said: “Mr Henry, an HMI inspector, told us we were not just good but we were very good.

“Our finger tips are touching outstanding.

“He said that it was now up to the children to play their part and rise to the challenge of learning, to be enthusiastic, to seize the opportunities provided here, adopt a ‘can do attitude’ and take responsibility for their own learning.

“I believe that with parents support this is achievable and that before long we will attain the outstanding endorsement from Ofsted.

“I am so proud of all my staff and governors here at Finmere. We are a strong and committed team who put children at the heart of everything we do.

“We support and nurture our pupils, provide opportunities to let them shine and evoke confidence in them to embrace all future challenges that life will provide them.

“I am so privileged to be headteacher of Finmere CE Primary and invite current and future parents/carers to be proud and to sing the praises of our wonderful and extraordinary centre of learning to all who will hear.”