A FAMILY from Oxford are celebrating the greatest Christmas present anyone could ask for.

Lilly Ann Marie McGovern came into the world at the John Radcliffe Hospital at 10 minutes after midnight on Christmas Day.

And the baby, who weighs six pounds three ounces and who was delivered naturally just days before the due date, is already settling into life with mum and dad.

Keeley Rush, a 20-year-old from Iffley, celebrated Christmas with her first child, along with her 20-year-old partner Adam McGovern and family, in Blackbird Leys.

Asked if having a Christmas Day baby was special, she said: “Definitely.”

But the former Oxford Community School pupil said her little one was not causing them too much trouble so far.

She said: “She is quite quiet, really. She has the occasional cry, but apart from that she is all right. The birth took quite a lot out of her.”

Keeley, Adam and the baby were able to leave hospital in time for Christmas dinner on the day.

And it meant Lilly – who has a step-sister, Daisy, who is nearly two – was able to receive her first batch of presents just hours after being born. But was it the best Christmas ever?

“I would say yes,” Keeley said. It’s definitely been worth it.”

Dad Adam – who has already returned to work at the Kassam Stadium – has been busy changing nappies. Although it is early days the couple, who met in August last year, may already be thinking about baby number two.

Keeley said: “At the time, I said: I am never doing it again.

“But then you look and say: it’s all worth it, really.”