ONE thousand four hundred homes in Oxfordshire remain without power tonight.

Southern Electric says a total of 65,000 homes in the wider region remained without power at 4pm, with no word on when power might return.

Six thousand homes suffered power cuts last night as a result of the bad weather.

Yet there is no sign of whether the electricity for those still in the dark will be returned in time for Christmas Day.

A spokesman for Southern Electric said fallen trees were making it difficult for its engineers to travel to and access affected areas

"Conditions remain extremely challenging, with severe flooding in some areas," he said.

The power provider has been handing out free food and drink at sites across the wider region, although none of these are in Oxfordshire.

It has so far restored power to 45,000 homes in the region in which it operates.

The firm says repairs will continue throughout the evening and every effort will be made to restore power to customers as quickly as possible.

As part of region-wide efforts to tackle the power cuts, the firm says:

- Around 600 operational staff , contractors and tree cutters are repairing damage, and removing trees from access roads and overhead lines.

- Customer Assistance Centres in Portsmouth and Perth are working in tandem to answer customer calls and provide updates

- Calls are being made to vulnerable customers to provide help and assistance where required

- Mobile generation is being deployed as circumstances allow

- Contact has been made with local authorities to ensure vulnerable customers are cared for and kept informed

Anyone who experiences a loss of electricity supply is urged to contact the team on 0800 072 7282, particularly if reporting damage or if aware of a neighbour or friend who may need extra help.