HERE’S how to make a wooden kazoo – a musical instrument that makes a buzzing sound.

You take a willow branch, cut it to about five inches, then saw it in half. Make a hollow in each half, then hold the two pieces together using an elastic band, then blow.

Angela Dearlove, from Cholsey, near Wallingford, and her grandchildren Klay and Lixi Fisher, seven and six, learnt this ancient art at a bush craft day at the Earth Trust Centre, Little Wittenham.

Their group also learnt how to make a den in the woods using plants and how to bake bread on an open fire.

Mrs Dearlove, 57, Earth Trust administration manager, said: “It was good fun. I had always wanted to take my grandchildren to the Earth Trust, and it was absolutely fantastic.”

The group finished on Tuesday last week with a campfire story.

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