THE fake rape allegation of Kirsty Debanks made in her twisted scheme for “revenge” against her ex-lover is all the more disgraceful given the conclusion this week of the Operation Bullfinch trial.

However horrific it was at the time for Chris Newitt to be arrested, there were secondary victims to Debanks: every current and future victim of rape.

This week, six women abused by the Bullfinch gang finally achieved some justice after years of their collective plight being ignored by the authorities.

It took great courage for each of them to give their evidence, in part because they would face accusations from the defence they were lying and because the conviction rape for sex crimes is so low.

Often rape cases come down to he said/she said, and many juries find it hard to return a guilty verdict.

What Debanks has done with her preposterous plan is to potentially undermine the cases of genuine victims in the future.

Often with completely fictitious claims of rape, the complainant has mental health issues and so there has to be an element of sympathy.

But being in concert with two other people to create injuries to back up her case is plainly wicked and Judge Ian Pringle was right to reflect the community’s outrage in this case.