A CHILD was gagged, whipped, and tied up while she was made to act out “sexual fantasies” for groups of men, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

A young woman, giving evidence at the Oxford sex exploitation trial, said she was driven to High Wycombe up to three times a week to have sex with up to seven men.

She was also abused with “toys”, injected with heroin and gang raped, the jury heard.

Known as Girl 4 as she cannot be named, she said: “Anything from biting, pulling. I have had candle wax poured on me.

“I have been horse-whipped, I have been cuffed and I have been tied with a shirt tie.”

The witness claims she was raped and sold for sex by brothers Mohammed and Bassam Karrar when aged between 11 and 15.

The court heard she caught sexually transmitted diseases during the abuse. She said: “I have no confidence. I am constantly depressed. I have insomnia.”

When prosecutor Noel Lucas asked her why she did what Mohammed Karrar asked, she said: “Forgive me, I feel stupid.

“At the time I believed he loved me. I was hoping he loved me, I suppose.”

The woman said if she refused to have sex with men Mohammed Karrar would get “mad”.

She said: “I would get slapped. I would get kicked or sometimes I would have a pillow over my face.”

The witness said when she refused to “play” with a “fat greaseball” in a Boars Hill wood, Mohammed Karrar went “absolutely ballistic”.

She told the jury: “He said ‘do you know how much you have cost me?’ “He hit me and said ‘now look what you have made me do?’”

The witness told the court she did not like seeing other girls her age with Mohammed Karrar.

She said: “One part of me felt slightly jealous because of the love I felt towards him. Another part was it was another person’s life waiting to be ruined. It’s not fair.”

She said she knew other girls were being abused and Mohammed and Bassam Karrar cannot have been the only ones involved.

She broke down as she described seeing a “limp” and “dribbling” girl she saw in a Leon Close house.

The jury also heard Mohammed Karrar injected Girl 4 with heroin “quite a few times”. The witness told the court he also made “porn” videos of her performing sex acts.

She said the Karrar brothers “acted like gangsters”, adding: “They thought they were big bad men.”

The woman claimed she was raped again by Mohammed Karrar aged 17 on the blue sofa at his flat, where she was abused before.

She said she felt “not in control” when she saw the sofa, adding: “I felt my life had come to an end. I managed to feel that low to come back. When I walked in there I realised I’d put myself back in the same situation.”

She argued with Karrar before he raped her, the court heard.

The witness will be cross-examined by defence barristers today.

All nine defendants deny the 51 counts against them.

The trial continues.