THE moronic violence that occurred at The Nelson pub on Friday is an absolute disgrace.

Without pretending the venue is anything it is not, it’s still staggering that a gang of men somehow thought it was right and proper to tear up the establishment in front of terrified children.

A glass was thrown, a sign put through a window and, amazingly, they were asking for customers’ chairs to use as weapons.

Clearly there was a perceived grievance the culprits thought they were addressing, but that gives them no right to cause havoc and potentially injure innocent people.

The police put the number of people involved at 20, but landlord David Brewerton says it was more like nine.

Today we join with police and appeal for any witnesses to come forward – anonymously if need be – with information to nail these idiots.

Some may consider it was just two sets of people sorting out their squabbles in the only way they know.

To that we say: Next time it might be you and your children trying to have a civilised afternoon when these clowns decide to kick-off again.