THE campaign to clean up Cowley continues apace.

A blitz on cigarette end and chewing gum hotspots is under way by officers of the Cleaner, Greener campaign.

The concerted effort to clean up Cowley Centre reached Templars Square Shopping Centre in Pound Way and the surrounding areas last week.

Community response officers, parks officers and PCSOs can dish out on-the-spot fines to anyone dropping litter, throwing rubbish from a vehicle, or discarding cigarette ends or chewing gum, as well as fly-posting and graffiti.

Nick Massey, community response officer at Oxford City Council, said: “We educate residents and inform them about the campaign now our part of the job is to carry out enforcement. “We hope that our work will help make Cowley Centre cleaner and encourage residents and visitors to think twice before they drop litter.”

The fines are £80 or £55 if paid within 10 days.

Failure to pay could result in an appearance at the Magistrates Court and a fine of up to £2,500.