A TEEN was given drugs and booze by a child sex exploitation gang while heavily pregnant, the Old Bailey heard.

The witness, known as Girl 3, also told the jury yesterday that while she was underage, the gang told her it was normal to have sex and perform sex acts on men.

Now 20, she claims she was abused by brothers Akhtar and Anjum Dogar, brothers Mohammed and Bassam Karrar, and Assad Hussain between the ages of 12 and 15.

The charges include rape, child prostitution, and sex trafficking.

The witness said at the time of the abuse she was “scared of herself”.

She said: “I was angry and aggressive. I felt I had an addiction I couldn’t control.”

She said around her 16th birthday she had sex with a man called Ali who gave her crack cocaine and tequila. This was while she was pregnant.

She told the jury: “It didn’t seem to be a problem to anybody – including me.”

The young woman, who was adopted in Oxford aged 11, said the Dogar brothers would give her neat vodka and brandy and take her to the Nanford Guest House to have sex with Asian men.

They also gave her cocaine and cannabis, she said.

She said: “I was told it was normal and everyone was doing it.”

The witness said the men would refer to her as “ours”, adding: “I felt like I was owned by these men.”

She said she didn’t want to have sex but felt she could not refuse. And she said the “customers” treated her badly.

She said: “I wasn’t anything. I was just someone there to abuse. They were just laughing at me.

“I knew I was being used but that was okay because it was just how it was meant to be.”

The witness told the jury that Mohammed Karrar once took her to a home in Leon Close where she was “literally fed drugs”.

The girl knew Akhtar as Spider and Anjum as Jammy, the court heard.

She told the jury she was at home with her mum when Spider called and told her to meet him.

She refused and he threatened to kill her, the court heard.

The teenager met him in a black car parked near her house. Jammy was sitting next to him in the passenger seat, she said.

They forced her to perform a sex act on a man in the back seat, the court heard. After, she said she saw the man handing over money.

She said: “I remember sitting on the side of the street crying.”

Akhtar Dogar’s barrister Andrew Jefferies told the court his client was not Spider and the witness had mistakenly identified him.

But Girl 3 said: “That’s not true.”

Lee Karu, defending Anjum Dogar, said his client had never met the witness.

Again she said: “That’s not true.” The witness identified Ali as Assad Hussain, the court heard.

Hussain’s barrister Mark George said she had mistakenly identified him but she denied this.

The nine men accused of running a child sex exploitation gang in Oxford deny all 79 charges.

The trial continues.