Children found a rather unusual way of telling the time at a workshop. The Museum of the History of Science, in Broad Street, Oxford, held a day of Chinese Dragon Fireclock building. The clocks, invented more than 1,000 years ago, tell the time by burning specially calibrated incense sticks.

Alice Kelly and her five-year-old son Luis Garnaut, pictured, coloured parts of the clock.

She said: “I had a lovely time at the workshop, we had lots of fun.”

Meanwhile, animal magic helped excite young minds for an event at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum when education trainee Carly Smith-Huggins, pictured, ran a new workshop called Woof! Woof! last week for under-fives.

She used a canine glove puppet to show about 45 children around the museum. They then got to make their own puppet and to transform themselves into their furry four-legged friends with an art class.

She said: “The children had lots of fun trying out barking, howling and wagging their tails.”