THEIR fundraising coffee mornings and soup lunches have become an institution in Bicester.

And now the small, but dedicated, group of volunteers that make up Bicester Friends of Cancer Research have been recognised for their hard work.

Cancer Research UK presented the group with a certificate marking its £200,000 fundraising milestone.

Set up in 1965, the Bicester group is now run by a team of 10 volunteers, some of whom are in their 80s. Over the years they have had help from people across the town to raise cash, including Langford Village School, who raised £1,400 in a fun run in 2007.

Collections at funerals have also given the charity a boost.

But it has been the regular coffee mornings and soup lunches — all homemade by the volunteers — that has kept the cash rolling in.

Group member Joyce Price, 84, said: “I wish I knew how many cups of coffee we had served, we must have served quite a few.

“To reach £200,000 is absolutely wonderful.

“Often we think we don’t do very much, but we do what we can and then you get something like this. It’s something quite amazing.”

Area volunteer manager Tracey Pounds said: “The Bicester group are a fine example of how invaluable volunteers are to Cancer Research UK. With these vital funds we are bringing forward the day when all cancers are cured.”