STUDENTS from Burford School have been taking to the stage this week to perform a production of Scrooge.

The extra curriculum production has seen about 45 year seven and nine students act in the show and run the back stage area.

Head of English Edward Scates created the adaptation, which combines A Christmas Carol and The Little Match Girl stories.

Head of drama Gry Nielsen said: “It is really, really important that students of all levels at secondary school get a chance to star in a production and get a chance to do back stage work to experience how it really is in a production.

“The production is a mixture of humour and suspense, with a little bit of music. It is a whimsical student production and it is just lovely to see all the children being amazing.”

Student Mark Monkhouse, 14, of Carterton, plays Scrooge. He said: “It has been a tremendous experience and playing the bad guy you always get the best lines. “But playing Scrooge you do go home hating Christmas.”