About 40 students are protesting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s appearance in Oxford via video link tonight.

Mr Assange, currently claiming political asylum inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, is due to appear tonight via videolink as part of an awards ceremony at Oxford Union on whistleblowing. 

The protestors are angry that the union has invited him given that he is wanted in Sweden to answer allegations of sexual assault ,which he denies.

The protest began in the last hour, with a group outside the gates of the union holding banners and shouting slogans such as “Oxford Union shame on you”.

Suzanne Holsomback, vice president (women) at Oxford University student union, said: “We are denouncing the union’s invitation to someone that is avoiding answering rape allegations.

“We are also standing here to support those who have survived sexual assault.

“It’s very disappointing Oxford Union has invited him today.”

No-one from Oxford Union was available for comment.

Previously  spokesman Alex Reut-Hobbs defended the decision to allow Mr Assange to speak.

He said: “We feel that the Oxford Union, dedicated to upholding freedom of speech and providing a platform for all points of view, is a fitting venue."