AMERICAN Bulldog Frankie was left shivering in sub-zero temperatures outside an animal sanctuary.

Now staff at the sanctuary off the village green in Stadhampton are hoping to find a home for the abandoned pet.

The male dog was tied to a gate, near the entrance of Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary in Watlington Road and discovered by staff as they came into work about 8am on Tuesday.

Warden Rachel Tatam, 41, said: “He looked like he had been well cared for, but it was cruel to leave him chained to a gate in the freezing cold.

“We don’t know what time he was put there – he could have been there all night.

“As soon as we saw him we got him inside into the warm, but he wasn’t hungry and had an expensive harness on.

“He could have been stolen before he was dumped but he has not been microchipped.”

The sanctuary is now seeking a new home for the bulldog, who is in good health, and is aged between one and two.

If you are interested in giving Frankie a home call 01865 890239.