THRILLED Charlotte Nott is back on her feet thanks to pink prosthetic legs that were given to her in time for Christmas.

The Cowley four-year-old – who lost her arms and legs after suffering from meningitis as a baby – stunned her family when she walked for the first time with the new limbs.

Proud mother Jenny Daniels, 31, said: “We were all really shocked as a family. When we got the legs Charlotte walked across the room – it was just really nice to see.

“We just thought maybe she couldn’t walk – she hadn’t walked for a year and a half. Ever since then it has been fantastic.

“Charlotte has gone from strength to strength and now the future looks a bit more positive.”

Ms Daniels, who has two other children George, three, and Libby, 11 months, said an anonymous donor helped pay for the £6,000 glittery pink limbs, which were made to measure by Dorset Ortho-paedic.

Charlotte had outgrown her first set of prosthetic legs and had been in a wheelchair for some time after undergoing several operations.

Her proud mum added: “I think she is really pleased in herself. I have seen a change in her – she can join in at school and lots of things are easier. The main thing is just being able to walk in to class and be with her friends and join in and not having to be in a wheelchair.

“Now she is able to walk around and have a more normal life.”

Charlotte had to undergo amputation to save her life after contracting meningitis in December 2010.

Ms Daniels added: “We want to continue that fundraising so that we can continue to buy the specially-made limbs. We are looking forward to the future.”

Charlotte’s family continue to fundraise for new legs as the youngster grows taller. Her news legs are only expected to last for the next year.