CHRISTMAS Day is due to be sunny and dry in Oxfordshire, if not the rest of Britain.

Staff at the Met Office confirmed yesterday that although there is some heavy rain to come in the county, Christmas Day should have good weather.

Most of the weekend and Christmas Eve are still set to be a washout though.

Twenty to 30mm of rain is expected to fall before midday on Sunday and 10 to 20mm on Christmas Eve alone.

Met office spokesman Helen Chivers said: “This weekend there is some quite heavy rain coming your way into Oxfordshire and travelling right the way across the county particularly overnight.

“It’s not going to take a lot to raise the river levels and leave some spray and standing water on the roads so people need to be aware it could cause some disruption.”

Teams from the Environment Agency were out in force across Oxfordshire today.

The staff were clearing areas at risk from flooding so the rivers run smoothly. A fallen tree was cleared from the River Windrush near Witney yesterday morning.

And in Abingdon the last of Oxfordshire’s weirs was opened to its full extent.