A MAN repeatedly sent to jail for assaulting, harassing and burgling the home of his mother and grandmother has been handed another term.

Homeless heroin addict Scott Weddell, 33, appeared at Oxford Crown Court this week over the breach of a restraining order.

It was made in December 2007 and bars him from entering Berinsfield because of years of attacking and harassing members of his family.

It was originally made to stop contact with Weddell’s mother, but was extended to include the entire town where she lives in 2009.

Since then he has breached the order on more than a dozen occasions.

Naomi Perry, prosecuting, said Weddell’s mother, Lorna Weddell, of Evenlode, was the target of the most recent breach on December 1.

She said: “Mrs Weddell heard a sound like someone kicking her front door at 9.30pm. She looked out of her bedroom window and saw it was her son.

“Mr Weddell kicked the door about 10 times and the matter was reported to the police by Mrs Weddell.”

She added that in the past Weddell had been repeatedly violent towards his mother and his grandmother, 87-year-old Jeanne Geddes.

Weddell has convictions for more than 80 previous offences. Over the past 10 years he has repeatedly burgled and confronted both his mother and grandmother, demanding cash to fund his heroin habit.

Defending, Tim Boswell told the court in the past three months Weddell had made progress with getting treatment for his addiction.

He said his client still has trouble accepting “his family are not willing to help with his current troubles”.

Sentencing him to eight months’ jail, Recorder Ann Campbell said the order was in place for a reason.

She said: “You can’t keep going back again, and again, and again to that address and seeing people who have a right to have you kept away from them.”