A HISTORY enthusiast brandished a First World War bayonet and a Roman-style sword in a bust-up with a neighbour.

Terrance Hare took the historical weapons out into the street after an argument with a fellow resident of Hawksmoor Road, Oxford.

Hare dropped the weapons in a scuffle and was left with bruising to his jaw.

The 58-year-old admitted the crime and was spared jail at Oxford Crown Court.

The court heard Hare – who was said to be a member of a historical society – had got the weapons out in an argument with a Mr Greenwood on June 12.

He was charged with having the blades in a public place.

Prosecutor Kevin West said: “He accepted he had no lawful reason for bringing the items outside of his house other than to scare Mr Greenwood.”

John Waller, defending, said his client had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

He said: “He is extremely remorseful.

“Looking at the basis of the plea that (bringing the blades out) was to scare Mr Greenwood, not to use against him in a violent fashion.”

He said Mr Hare had suffered a swollen and bruised jaw in the fight, adding: “In my submission Mr Hare’s injuries were far worse.”

He told the court the case had put a lot of strain on Hare and caused him to have a heart attack.

The court heard Hare worked as a driver for children with learning difficulties.

Sentencing him, Judge Ian Pringle said to Hare: “In June this year you acted very foolishly indeed by bringing out into the public a Lee Enfield World War One bayonet and also a Roman style sword.

“People who produce weapons like that might well lose their liberty.”

But he said he was taking into account Hare’s remorse and handed him a 12-month supervision order and a four-month curfew requirement.

The court heard Hare and Mr Greenwood had both moved away from Hawksmoor Road.

Speaking after the sentencing, Crown Prosecution Service spokesman Louise Rosher said the fight had broken out between 5pm and 6pm.

She said the victim was cycling when Hare passed driving a coach.

She said: “They had had an argument the previous month. The victim took the view he was driving too close to him.

“The defendant came after him with the swords in the air. There was a tussle and the swords were dropped.”