NEARLY two thirds of Oxfordshire's primary schools have posted better results in this year's Key Stage 2 exams than last year.

Of the 228 primary schools sitting the exams this summer, 141 saw a higher proportion of children achieving the expected Level 4 in both English and maths, while 64 saw a drop.

The remaining schools either had too small a number of pupils taking the tests to provide meaningful results or had the same percentage achieving the grades.

The school by school information was released by the Department for Education today and follows earlier reports that countywide, there had been a rise of seven percentage points in the proportion of children achieving Level 4 in the two subjects.

In all, 82 per cent of children achieved the benchmark levels across Oxfordshire, while in Oxford schools, which have historically performed poorly compared to the rest of the county, 79 per cent of children made the grade.

That is a jump of 11 percentage points.

The biggest improvement across the county was at Sutton Courtenay Primary School, where the proportion making the grade rose 63 percentage points from 14 per cent to 77 per cent.

Oxfordshire County Council education cabinet member Melinda Tilley described the improvements as “absolutely marvellous”.

For a full table of results broken down by school, click here.