ONE of the men accused of a fatal assault on Denis Witney told a jury he had no part in his death.

Daniel McCollin told Oxford Crown Court yesterday that he had nothing to do with the attack in a house in St Clement’s Street, Oxford, which left the homeless man with 26 separate injuries.

Fellow defendant Wayne Cattell claimed earlier this week that McCollin was mainly responsible for killing Mr Witney in revenge for an assault on his girlfriend, Joanne Moriarty.

But yesterday McCollin said this was untrue. He said when he arrived home, heavily intoxicated, Mr Witney was already bleeding from the nose and he didn’t get involved in the incident.

Asked why he didn’t stop to find out why Mr Witney was bleeding he said: “The last couple of times I have been there there has been something going on, some drama.”

He added: “I played no part in the attack on Denis Witney.”

Cattell, 37, of Mortimer Road, Rose Hill, McCollin, 30, of Blay Close, Blackbird Leys, and Moriarty, 29, of Mortimer Road, Rose Hill, all deny murder.

The trial continues.