OWNERS of flood damaged properties in South Hinksey will air their views at a public meeting tonight.

The recent flooding which hit Oxfordshire again highlighted problems in the village, on low-lying ground close to the Hinksey Stream, as homes were damaged and sewage poured into several residents’ homes.

The meeting has been organised by Oxford West and Abingdon MP Nicola Blackwood.

Members of Oxfordshire County Council, including deputy leader Rodney Rose, will attend, along with members of Vale of White Horse District Council and staff from Thames Water and the Environment Agency.

Thames Water has repeatedly denied its Botley sewer repair work was at fault and said the volume of rainfall was too much for its systems to cope with.

However, the water company said it would listen to concerns.

South Hinksey Parish Council chairman Maggie Rawcliffe, who is chairing the meeting, said: “Raw sewage comes up through the sidewalks and everywhere even when the rain isn’t that heavy. We see a discharge almost every time it does pour down. Manor Road is just awash with sewage.

“There are two main items on the agenda. One is to talk about the effluent coming up in the village and to get explanations, and another is to question an issue about sandbags in the floods.

“It is to air our concerns and review what happened, get an explanation of why it happened, and find out what is intended to rectify the problems.”