HOW many dangerous defects can you spot on this car? How many could you spot on your own?

That was the challenge firefighters were putting to passers-by at Abingdon fire station this week.

With an average of four fatalities every month and one serious injury each day on Oxfordshire roads, the fire service is hoping to educate more people and prevent vehicle accidents as part of Road Safety Week.

Firefighter Andy Durndell said: “These vehicles are a great asset in helping us engage with people about the subject of road safety and ultimately help change their views and practices.”

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue hoped to highlight the importance of keeping your car well maintained, from making sure tyres are pumped up to the right pressure to ensuring the brakes are working.

Chief Fire Officer Dave Etheridge said: “We want to educate people on the little things they should be keeping an eye on in their cars that could prevent them from being involved in an accident.

“Events such as this offer us a fantastic opportunity to work with the public and remind them of key road safety issues.”