IT WAS agony for Milton Football Club striker Daniel Osborne as he took part in a sponsored leg wax for charity on Saturday.

The event was the idea of seven-year-old Jazmine Selby, from Abingdon, whose father Adrian is the club’s assistant manager.

She has organised a series of events, including a disco, an auction and a teddy bears’ picnic, which have raised about £1,500 for Breast Cancer Care.

Mr Selby said: “She found some money on the floor at the club one day, and she decided to give it to charity, then she decided to raise more.

“She has done really, really well.”

On Saturday, Jazmine, second left, called in expert assistance from Danielle Moulder, left, and Jodie Lightfoot, third left, to wax 10 legs, two chests and one bottom.

Jazmine said: “It went really well, it was fun.”