THE Police and Crime Commissioner election is going to a second round of counting after Conservative candidate Anthony Stansfeld failed to win an overall majority.

Mr Stansfeld won the most districts across the Thames Valley - including five of the six Oxfordshire areas - in first preference voting but it was not enough in pure numbers of votes to take the post.

Mr Stansfeld won 76,011 votes while Labour's Tim Starkey won 56,631.

Now counters are beginning to count the second preference votes cast for the candidates to determine who will be the man to oversee the running of Thames Valley Police for the next four years.

However the turn-out for the election has been as low as predicted.

Only 13.3 per cent of those eligible to vote in the Thames Valley bothered to do so yesterday. In Oxford it was the joint lowest with 10.9 per cent of voters.

Only Oxford in Oxfordshire chose Mr Starkey as its first choice for the Commissioner post.

Counting will restart in Aylesbury at 2.30pm and the result is expected at about 4pm.